No Bull, just Maps

Create a MAP pasting data data from Excel!

Simply paste data from Excel straight into the textbox. The only required fields are Latitude and Longitude Coordinates - that is all you need to place your marker on the map. If you do not have these you can generate them using a geocoder that turns addresses into the coordinates.

There is no need to fill in Marker, Colour, Number or Legend. In case you do, just keep the same order of the columns you see at sample data below!

Sample data was pasted below - you can map it straight away. Now, feel free to replace the data from excel and hit the MAP button!

Sorry it usually takes around half minute to generate the map. Hang on!

Marker Size1 ... Size6
circle map-small-circle ... map-big-circle
square map-square ... map-square
diamond map-diamond ... map-diamond
cross map-cross ... map-cross
triangle map-triangle ... map-triangle
plus map-plus ... map-plus
star map-star ... map-star
dot map-dot ... map-dot
Choose different Marker for each address - simply pick one out of 8 options on the right (circle, square...) followed by a number between 1 and 6. The number shows the size of the Marker. So, for example triangle1 displays a small triangle. Guess what does star6 display? The following column determines color of the Marker. It is very easy to set these in Excel.

Should you need to use numbered Markers then fill in "numbered" into the third column the numbers you want to display on the marker into the fifth column:mapping label
paste from excel to map

Having problems displaying the Map? Note that you have to copy and paste data from Excel or other spreadsheet. This tool relies on data being separated by TAB, so if you just type the input into the textarea, it will not work. You will need latitude and longitude in Decimal format - the same format you can see in the textbox. If you have data in another format, convert it to decimal first. The first row may but need not contain headline/label - the label is skipped so it does not really matter if you include it with your data.

If you plan to use a numbered marker (marker with a label), you can select a color of the marker and one or two letters or digits that will be used as a label on the Marker. You won't be able to fit more as the markers are fairly compact. If you need to display more than 99 numbered markers, use the letters or use markers with different colour.