No Bull, just Maps

All-in-one Mapping: Turn your addresses to coordinates and map!

Just another mapping website? Well, this one is actually pretty useful. Here you can:

1) Geocode Translate the addresses into coordinates
2) Convert Turn your useless format into the one you can use
3) Quick Map Get your locations on the map.. ASAP
4) Custom Map     Unleash the nerd in yourself and go wild with markers

No imports/uploads/registrations/costs - just copy and paste your data and get what you need.

Simply copy & paste your coordinates from Excel or separated by comma to convert them!


How to convert multiple coordinates:

1) Copy and paste your coordinates in Decimal, DM, DMS or UTM format into the textboxes above. Data may be pasted from Excel however you can also insert comma separated data - whatever works best for you. Convert multiple coordinates with one click, just remember to keep each pair of coordinates on a separate line.

2) Choose your output - tab separated if you plan to paste the data to Excel or comma separated for any other use.

You are not limited by size of the boxes - paste as many coordinates as you wish. In case you get an invalid result, make sure that format of the coordinates coincides with the examples above the boxes.